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Re: Supercomputer export link in National Security Committee report

>>Are we getting screwed by a false link to supercomputers?

Supercomputers have been part of the Export Controls for a long time.
Of course, a few years ago, "supercomputer == Cray-1" was the obvious
Eugene Brooks's "Attack of the Killer Micros" has hit that industry hard.*
Some of the DEC Alpha machines hit that speed point, and lots of
lobbying was started that gradually moved the limit.  But now,
"Cray-1 ~~ Pentium-133" for basic number-crunching, though there 
are still applications requiring really high memory bandwidth where
the Cray-1 will outperform the Pentium, and the Crays have a much better 
I/O architecture than your basic PC (though PCIbus is no slouch, and
Ultra-Wide-Hyper-SCSI stuff keeps improving as well.)

* "Careful with that VAX, Eugene!".  The "Attack of the Killer Micros"
was Brooks's restatement of Moore's Law for the supercomputer industry,
probably 10 years ago when I was still reading comp.arch.

Bill Stewart, [email protected]
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