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Re: politics aren't all or nothing

On Thu, 18 Sep 1997, Tim May wrote:
>like White Aryan Resistance and Hamas and so on can thrive and link up

I see, well, whatever. Kinda makes me think maybe I'm wrong and should
vote for cryptofascists. However, I won't, because I don't want the
government looking over my shoulder. I think there are plenty of ways for
people whose agenda is a good, peaceful world to organize against groups
like WAR and CIA and Hamas and the rest, without having to legislate. I
don't understand how you can judge which violent, fascist, oppressive
group is the correct one to support. Did you know there are other groups
who are not violent, fascist, or oppressive? Did you know that
occasionally, violent, oppressive fascists have changed their minds? 

It is doubtful my words are not going to make any difference in the way
you see the world, but I, like you, think escrow/recovery/wiretapping
would not make the world a better place --- kind of like how looking
closely at a particle makes it behave differently than it would otherwise.
I don't think the national security folk have "a good, peaceful world" in
mind for anyone.  They have in mind a world in which a small, exclusive
group of people can use, take from and manipulate the masses. All of these
groups do.

The history of violent revolution, even in the name of the people, is
filled with the leaders of the revolution assuming the same damn
imbalanced positions of power which were there before. They might call it
a President instead of a King, or maybe Prime Minister or Premier. The
Lords might be the Regional Governors, or Senators, or Counsellors. There
might even be different people in those positions from time to time, even
elected by will of the people. But it's not the person --- it's the
position! The position crafts the person into a pre-formed caricature. Its
history, its image...it is the Throne which makes the Pharoah a God, not
the Family, or the Decree. It is the Throne which makes the decisions, and
it follows instincts of self-perpetuation like any other entity. Do you
want to sit on a throne? GAK, GAP, SMACK, CRACK. MEME SCHEME SCHMEME. 
Consider first your true objective and who you bring to war before you aim
and fire the memetic cannon...or the musket.

They all seem to fit into the same category --- Hamas, Infada, the secular
Algerian "Ninjas", the Federal urban assault task forces, DEA thugs who
raid the homes of innocent people, etc.  They're all fighting, and it
seems like people pick up any side of an issue just so they can fight.

Consider the addiction to the feeling that comes from getting angry at
those fuckers over there on that other side and how it would feel so good
to blow their heads off. Notice how the feeling moves around your torso. 
Instead of moving it up to your head where it makes your jaw vibrate, try
moving it around...out the center of your chest through your back...up
into wing shapes behind your body. Try a tail, too. We've still got some
neurons for it.

>Democracy is the problem, not the solution. Thus, nothing Congress can do

We don't live in a democracy. Do I get to vote on HR-695? Do you? No. Has
there ever been a democracy? Not really. Do you know what democracy means?
Do you see through the lies they put forth saying that we live in a
"democracy"? Do you actually think we live in anything close to the word?

Rule by the people, of the people, and for the people. If they don't want
rules, so be it. If they want to say, gosh, killing people is lame, send
that guy to jail, so be it. If they want to say, all people shall be named
"BOB" and partake of the Dispensation of Slack, so be it. Thing is, WE THE
PEOPLE have never actually had the opportunity. We've always been too
nervous about getting our heads blown off, because so many humans are
paranoid, power-hungry and trigger-happy, and because the ones in power
positions are almost always paranoid, power-hungry, and trigger-happy, and
now have nukes. 

So you want a massively plural nuclear weapon based power model. You don't
need to promote cryptography in the name of that. It's going to happen
anyway --- it's already here. Missing Israeli subs, black market Soviet
subs with full crews at the collapse, unused nuclear facilities
"accidentally" sold as scrap metal to the private sector, the whole bit.
I hope mutual assured destruction still works. 

Mark Hedges