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Re: New Computer Security Act

Declan McCullagh wrote:
> At 11:44 -0700 9/18/97, Tim May wrote:
> >I doubt Clinton will be at the Fort Meade HQ for a ceremony, as he's on his
> >way to Stanford, where both of us will, amazingly enough, be tomorrow. Wish
> >me luck!

> Tim, just promise me if you're arrested, you'll call me (collect) from jail
> and tell me the story. (After you call your lawyer, of course.)

  Better to call Declan first...
  Everything is tried in the press these days. The courts are merely
an anachronism waiting to be declared dead when Court TV replaces
the Department of Justice.
 (Rumor has it that Janet Reno will be 'turning the letters' as the
  defendants try to guess their sentence.)