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Re: New Computer Security Act

At 12:58 AM -0700 9/19/97, Bill Stewart wrote:
>At 11:44 AM 9/18/97 -0700, Tim wrote:
>>I doubt Clinton will be at the Fort Meade HQ for a ceremony, as he's on his
>>way to Stanford, where both of us will, amazingly enough, be tomorrow. Wish
>>me luck!
>Hey, good luck at Stanford!
>BTW, Stanford is locally referred to as "The Farm"; isn't that also
>the nickname for Langley?  It ain't Ft. Meade (which actually opened
>for NSA business after the Agency had been in the Pentagon for a while)
>but the CIA's having their anniversary as well.

I think "the Farm" is usually reserved for the training facility down in
the countryside of Virginia. (It may be close to, or even coterminous with,
Camp Perry, where various shooting events are held. )

This is where agents in training go to practice surveillance, escape, and
evasion, tradecraft, and so on.

BTW, the NSA's current site is older than the CIA's current site.

I attended Langley High School in 1966-67, and the CIA was basically on the
other side of the fence, through some woods. It was then labelled as
something like "Bureau of Roads Testing Division," and there was and
presumably still is some kind of testing track there. But everyone knew it
was the CIA.

--Tim May

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