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Re: y2k as ideological opportunity.

>>[IRS collection mechanism collapses due to y2k problem]
>If such a thing actually happened, I strongly suspect they'd
>activate the contingency plan that was developed to maintain
>tax collection after nuclear war; a flat 20% sales tax,
>collected (I think) by surviving Post Office employees.
>Come to think of it, that might be better than what we have

Naw, its gonna be real simple and clean.

The bid goes out,

Billgatus of Borg brings in a crapload of DEC/NT partner machines,
puts 500 programmers on porting the tasking and data to
Office 98, retrains the IRS on Office,
Slides right past Oct 1999 without a hitch, you
bring up M$ money on yer desktop and yer Fed Tax Check
goes straight to Redmond, who in turn pays out a percentage
to their new partners, the Fed.

The US of MS,



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