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Costs of Mandatory Key Recovery

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Subject: Costs of Mandatory Key Recovery
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If you could email any hard numbers as to expected costs to Don Heath
<[email protected]>, it would be helpful.

>>Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 10:55:55 -0400
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>>Subject: Costs of Mandatory Key Recovery
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>>As I explained over the telephone, we are trying to estimate
>>the private sector costs associated with mandatory key
>>recovery in the US.  Thursday the House Intelligence
>>Committees passed an amended version of HR 695 that
>>would mandate immediate key recovery in all encryption
>>products sold, imported or distributed in the US after
>>January 31, 2000.  It further imposes this requirement
>>on Internet service providers who provide encryption
>>services when presented by a warrant from a duly authorized
>>law enforcement official.
>>We expect that within an organization like a corporate
>>LAN, key recovery can be mandated in a straight forward
>>manner.  But since the relationship between an ISP
>>and its client is more distant, very different mechanisms
>>and cost structure would surface.  I would be very
>>interested in any information you could provide regarding
>>the costs associated with such a mandate.
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