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Re: key escrow arguments (fwd)

      Am I just being paranoid or am I seeing a pattern here? Let me 
point out a few items that have sprung to mind after reading the post. 

1) The government is trying to take away our right to strong private    
crypto because they do not have access to the decrypting key at    
either end. This nullifies any type of access they "need" to have    to 
those transmissions. 

2) They also are trying to use their market power to force companies    
to manufacture and sell crypto products that use government backed    
algorythms. (Which of course include the "back door" features they    so 
loudly claim they need.) Such as when they told AT&T that they    would 
buy 2.3 million Secure 3600 series phones from them *if* they       put 
the government designed Fortezza(?) chip in them.

3) They classified crypto as a munition, like a fighter jet or tank,    
in an attempt to take it out of the realm of Constitutional Right.    
(Though it seems they forgot about the "Right to bear arms" part) 

4) They forced the telephone industry to write their software in such    
a way as to instantly allow them access to any and *all* lines. 
   (In the event that they should "need" to tap the line as per a    
supposedly legally obtained court order from an Artical III federal    
court judge. (Ummm.. Do they really think that we don't know what    it 
takes to obtain that high a level of a political seating in the          
judiciary branch?)

5) They stirred up the media which in turn roused the sheeple. THe    
rally cry was child porn.

      Is there a pattern here, or am I just going out of what is left of 
my mind?

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