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Re: 6 USAF Crashes in 7 days = InfoWar? (fwd)

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> Subject: Re: 6 USAF Crashes in 7 days = InfoWar?
> Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 11:31:04 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Mike Duvos <[email protected]>

> Why go in search of the complicated when stupidity is a perfectly
> acceptable explanation?

Well it really wasn't meant to be taken quite that literaly. It just seemed
to me that a question of some import to this list might be how one tells
such a statistical anomaly (if you'll allow me) from an actual concerted
attack. What would the tale-tell's be for such a distinction? While
full-blown war would not be hard to differentiate consider such an attack
from a small group with an immediate and distinct goal as well as potential
long-range goals. What sorts of processes and types of information would be
of interest to a person who was tasked with evaluating such an occurance?

Things like:

 -    relationships between the history of the various participants, both
      mechanical and human

 -    geographic relationships, weather comparisons, environmental
      conditions, etc.

Consider your responce at first reading. That is a barrier that has to
be jumped for such activities to be used effectively, wouldn't you think?
This would indicate that an effective long-term strategy for a sect attack
via the Internet would be advertising. Which would rule-out most real
clandestine attacks as being from a small political or religous group. There
is also the issue of talent recruitement and budget. So, with these sorts of
issues in mind, what kinds of financial transactions might be of interest?
And finaly, in such an environment can the elimination of non-GAK crypto
really be effective? Is crypto really even an issue?

Now consider, if you will, the requirements if we assume that we are under a
concerted Pearl-Harbor attack from a rival 1st World power. How would that
effect the issues discussed above?

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