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Re: Pearl Harbor Aggression (Was: 6 USAF Crashes in 7 days = InfoWar? (fwd)

John Young wrote:
| The harping of US leaders on unidentified threats is making non-US
| folks rather nervous, not being sure that the US may not turn on
| its allies for the slightest of missteps or demurs, and cut off the
| bountiful flow of global intel -- as the TLAs are now threatening 
| Congressional committees. Crypto Czar Arons world consultations
| were apparently thinly veiled threats to compel GAK compliance.

	Recall "Secret Power," a book on the UKUSA agreements on joint
electronic surveillence of the world, in which New Zealand

	When NZ announced itself to be a nuclear free zone, the US
announced a cessation of shared intelligence activities.  It turns out
that this was utter bunk, and the work never hiccupped.

	If intel cooperation ceases, look for large cargo ships
carrying home US hardware.


"It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."