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I`m back ;-)...

I`m finally back on the list, after an absence of about 2 or 3 months, 
but not for long. Circumstances since the machine running fatmans blew 
smoke at me dictated that getting the box running again took a low 
priority amongst the many other things I have been doing recently.

Like I said, I`ll be off the list again soon, maybe just a quick address 
change, maybe a couple of weeks or more whilst I move. Whichever way, you 
can get me at this address now and always get me on +44 (0)410 933 621 
for urgent business.

BTW. Is there anything I should know about that has happened in the 
crypto world since my dissapearance.

        Datacomms Technologies data security
       Paul Bradley, [email protected]
  [email protected], [email protected]    
      Email for PGP public key, ID: FC76DA85
     "Don`t forget to mount a scratch monkey"