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Re: The Suitcases have been Successfully Tested

On Mon, 22 Sep 1997, Tim May wrote:

> The United States said then it had detected a seismic event "with explosive
> characteristics" near the Novaya Zemlya test site, but Russian
> officials flatly denied any nuclear tests.
> They said Russia had voluntarily given up testing in 1992 and was sticking
> to this position.

Russia may have indeed given up testing. Seems that Russian's haven't.

This strongly indicates that not only are the suitcases for sale, but the
vendor also provides the /crucial/ combination for unlocking them. This is
really good news for nuclear hedge fund investors.

> I was unable to attend the Demonstration at NZ, but I am now more willing
> to bid for the suitcases than before. They really pack a punch!
> I bid $800,000 for Suitcase Number 57.

That could easily provide a return of 1000% on investment in a matter of
miliseconds.  :-) As always, read the prospectus carefully before you

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