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Re: The great GAK crack (making GAK economically impossible)

On Mon, 15 Sep 1997, Tim May wrote:

> This will stop the "flooding attacks" which a free key escrow system would
> generate. It will also, sadly for us, put an end to many applications where
> keys are generated quickly, transiently, and on an ad hoc basis. There
> simply will be no time to register the keys, and the $10 (or whatever)
> processing fee will be unacceptable for these applications.

That all depends on how they are set up to accept such key requests.  Fer
instance, say they set up a nice litte web site that takes in credit
cards... can we say ping flood boys and girls?

Suppose they set up a mail in system where you have to mail letters to
them.  We simply go through every magazine we find and send subscribtion
requests to that address.  As most mags will happily send a free issue
this will do wonders...  Send them to "Joe Smith, Care Of Key Escrow..."

If they set up a phone line, we call the phone line and keep it busy...
If they set up a system whereby mistakes have to be refiled, then we
simply all march down there and demand that we get our keys registered and
we always make mistakes in something or other, or we forget our ID's.

There may still be ways to spam them and keep them from implementing
anyway...  If not there's always Toto and the suitcase approach I
suppose.... And heck I'm sure someone is willing to donate $1M for such an

Denial of service attacks are always possible somehow or other...  It's a
question of what we're willing to donate to the effort.

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