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RE: The great GAK crack (making GAK economically impossible) (fwd)

> I believe that any denial-of-service attack will simply drive up the
>of licensing encryption programs and keys to the point that only
>corporations will be able to afford to release encryption products and
>purchase keys (in bulk).  Remember, we have to pay them for the
>(not right) of communicating "securely".

If domestic GAK is mandated, my recommendation to my employer will be to
not transmit anything via the Internet that we wouldn't want on the
cover of The New York Times (or EE Times).  As a U.S. subsidiary of a
foreign corporation, I would not be surprised if our communications were
decrypted and the contents passed along to our U.S. competitors if
domestic GAK is mandated.  (Can you say, "industrial espionage"?  I knew
you could.)
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