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oxley amendment

a fine statement which I would be proud to echo. 
however I heard (I've been calling every hour) from a staffer in 
Tauzin's office that the amendment was defeated after all! he didn't
have the numbers and I couldn't find out about the competing propossal,
but he was quite sure that oxley went down in flames. I wish I could
confirm this from some other source, but the news will be out there
one way or another tomorrow morning so we'll all know...

yes, I found it on cdt's home page, they must have just put this
up! the committee ditched the earlier amendment adding
extra export restrictions, but they did approve the white amendment
which toughens the criminal penalties for use of encryption to 
further a crime.

*whew* we actually won one! but there is a long way to go yet...

Ariel Glenn
[email protected]