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Re: Oxley Amendment

>The future, however, is uncertain. The bill now goes to the
>House Rules committee, whose chairman said today in a
>strongly-worded letter that he'd only allow a bill to go to
>the floor if it included Oxley's amendment. Look for a hell
>of a lot of behind-the-scenes lobbying on this now...

What's the path?  Given the multiple committees, is there a prescribed
sequence or do they work in parallel?

What about the Senate bills?  Suppose Solomon allows SAFE to go to the
floor.  Does SAFE need to be reconciled somehow with any Senate bill?
Could Oxley's amendment could be made on the floor, with little or no
warning?  In some sort of conference committee?

I'd love to see a simple map/diagram of all the inflection points where the
FBI/NSA forces can further twist SAFE.  Call it morbid curiosity.  Last
year's model was bad, and it's only gotten worse.