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Pissing on the Parade / Re: Oxley Amendment

Lucky Green, travelling faster than the speed of light and sending
his post the the cypherpunks list hours *after* my reply to it,

> On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Lee Tien wrote:
> >
> > I'd love to see a simple map/diagram of all the inflection points where the
> > FBI/NSA forces can further twist SAFE.  Call it morbid curiosity.  Last
> > year's model was bad, and it's only gotten worse.

  "Can you say Plan B, Plan CC and Plan DC? Sure you can..."

  Plan B  - Bomb
  Plan CC - Beyond the Return to the Valley of the Planet of ClipperChip
            "Coming soon to a computer chip manufacturer near you!"
                    (Can you say Intel? Sure you can...)
  Plan DC - Nuke DC [<--  Cult of OnePunk counter-plan]
> Such a diagram would be interesing to have. Not everybody watched "How a
> bill becomes law". :-) And there is sigificant interest in this issue from
> our international readers that are not as familiar with the political
> process in the US as perhaps some of us US citizens are.

  "Do you feel punk, Lucky? Well...do you?"
      Clit Westwood, in 'Megaton Force'

I presume that those toasting the 'great victory' are doing so with 
leftover champagne that went stale when they didn't have time to
drink the whole bottle before the stay of the Bernstein ruling cut
short *that* grand little celebration.

I hate to 'poop the party' boys and girls, but the Big Boys are playing
for *all* the marbles, in case no one has noticed.
Anyone who is still under the impression that the self-proclaimed 'good
guys' are going to be 'fighting fair' had better quit sucking on their
thumb and stick it up their ass, where it might provide a bit more
protection during future events.

  "You don't have to be a cypherpunk to know which way Gilmore is
       Dr. Dimitri Dylan, KOTM

"I'll trade you 5,000,000 DC residents, for one Tim C. May."