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Re: The Telcos oppose Oxley

At 7:18 PM -0700 9/24/97, Tim May wrote:
>The good news today is that if Salomon keeps to his word, the Security and
>Fascism Through Escrow Act is dead, dead, dead.

Even if he doesn't, I don't think Clinton will sign it (in its present,
export enabling, criminal sentence enhancing) form.

The scary thing is that <sarcasm> great lover of the technology industry
and the Bill of Rights </sarcasm) Senator Finestein will pass a bill in
Oxley form through the senate, and the bill that goes to Clinton will be
written in the conference committee.  It's as scary as letting the
congresscritters hold a constitutional convention.

[My spell checker gave me the option of "Replace" for "Finestein".  I was

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