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RE: Why the White amendment is a good idea (fwd)

On Thursday, September 25, 1997 1:37 PM, Jeff Barber 
[SMTP:[email protected]] wrote:
> We shouldn't have to "trick" Congress into doing the right thing,
> or provide cover for them either.

Ultimately, we are not going to "trick" them.  Congress has tools, like 
CRS, that ensure that they (usually) have good information before a bill is 
sent to the President.

However, why shouldn't we provide cover for them?  You can be sure that 
Oxley, McCain, Kerrey, etc. will receive "cover" from the FBI and Law 
Enforcement.  You can be sure that they will receive endorsements from all 
of the right "fraternal brotherhood of police whatever" organizations come 
election time.

If a Member of Congress wants to support civil rights, I think that we 
*should* provide as much support and "cover" as possible.  It's hard enough 
to publically support civil rights and free speech in today's media 

We won yesterday because the Committee found a solution that gave them 
cover and allowed all parties to declare victory.  I find that to be a very 
good thing.