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Re: Plea from a parent who wants to keep their kid free of SSNs

Declan forwards us:

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>Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 08:12:58 +0000
>From: "David C. Treibs" <[email protected]>
>To: "(David C. Treibs)" < ([email protected])>
>Subject: Need Help with IRS Problems


>Forcing Social Security Numbers on children represents a major violation
>of parents' God-given responsibility.

"And dang it, all the ones around here start with 666."

You have the right not to get SSNs for your kids. However, by doing that,
you give up the opportunity to slork a chunk of your money back out of the
U.S. Treasury. But hey, There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

Think of it as a Freedom Tithe. It probably pisses the Gub'mint off MORE
knowing that you'd rather pay than knuckle under. Of course, as the saying
goes: "once you pay Danegeld, you'll never get rid of the Dane."

Anyway, it doesn't matter for shit. Many records nowadays are also indexed
by name and date of birth, and they collect that stuff from everywhere.
They know who you are (had to file that birth certificate) and where you
live (property records and voter registration information). In the Land Of
The Freeh, your kids are already tagged, bagged, and waiting to be
fingerprinted and photographed.

Next step: ID transponders, so the cops can retroactively arrest 'em for
being in the vicinity when mayhem happened to occur. The only question is
whether it'll be the fascists on the Left (pushing the "make everything
safe for everyone" agenda) or the fascists on the Right (pushing the "get
tough on crime and damn everything else" agenda) who get the laws passed.
Either way, a little talc under that collar will keep it from chafing.