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Re: Chutzpah! FBI Calls Privacy Extremists Elitist

Re: Pi.... 

I believe the enlightened Legislator who attempted to legislate Pi was
none other than Jesse Helms (although this could be a legislative
myth!) and when Ol'Jesse proposed it (because he was "sick of all these
egg-heads with their big numbers") John Glenn said something on the
order of ' if your legislation passes Senator, I wouldn't want to
driver over any bridges in your state!'

But more to the point, this is more of the divide and conquer strategy
that worked so well for the Reagan-era republicans.  Ridicule what you
wish to destroy, give no quarter to other opinion, and repeat a lie so
often that it becomes the truth.  Nothing new here.  "We" just have
yet to get organized enough to use the same tactic in return and for
the moment Freeh & Co. have much more reliable and regular access to
the mainstream press who are willing to print whatever they say.

What we need, really, is a good advertising agency...


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