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Re: Remailer Attack

> * increased traffic at all levels

Cover traffic bots are, to my knowledge, not yet implemented in any of 
the "eze-remailer (tm)" software packages like private idaho etc... Maybe 
this is a feature to think about for their authors for future revisions???

> * a profit motive for remailers, using "digital postage" (though this may
> work against the second point, having more traffic)

I have never thought this was a good idea, commercialising the remailer 
market, and indeed any market, not only gives a further incentive for 
government intervention but also allows for the remailer operators to be 
prosecuted for content more easily, providing a free service allows one 
to claim "common carrier" status more eaily.

> * more chaining tools for average users (on Windows and Macintosh machines,
> using standard mailers)

Yes, private idaho is an excellent package, but many users do not want 
the extra work of setting up another mailer which, in the buggy windoze 
environment may even lead to clashes and other such nastiness. 
Integration into mailers such as pegasus and eudora would be nice, I`m 
sure there must be a plugin for eudora by now but I`m pretty sure there 
is no such plugin for pegasus. 

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