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Re: Plea from a parent who wants to keep their kid free of SSNs

The ACLU certainly deserves criticism for its knee-jerk left-wing view on
some issues. I'd also be interested in seeing them take a stand on 2nd
Amendment issues; right now they don't have a position, as I understand it.
But on free speech and SSN-type issues they're generally good.

I forwarded the original "Plea from a parent" message to some folks at the
ACLU who expressed an interest in helping out.


PS: Jane Fonda, of all people, just stopped by the bureau for a
correspondent's birthday party! Sure, we had Newt here on Monday, but Fonda
-- there's a //real// celebrity...

At 22:30 +0200 9/26/97, Anonymous wrote:
>John Bishop wrote:
>>Well, seeing how Mr. Treibs is not a Nazi, satan worshipper, or pagan
>>fundamentalist, I doubt that the ACLU will want much to do with him.
>This slur is unwarranted.  The ACLU has a long tradition of defending
>religious rights, even those of Christians.
>My personal favorite is the case of the Jehovah's Witnesses in the
>1950s.  The Witnesses believe that they cannot honestly pledge
>allegiance to the flag.  They believe that they owe allegiance to God.
>Were the government to act in a way that was other than God's
>intention, they would be unable to cooperate.
>This had to go all the way to the Supreme Court and it was the ACLU
>that did it when nobody else would.
>Be my guest to criticize the ACLU, but you'd do better to pick one of
>their weak points.
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