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Re: Technology center

At 5:32 PM -0700 9/26/97, stuey wrote:
> >What I think they'll do is work on virus software.  They can write
>>something which will hack the crypto on your PC and make it weak.
>>If they want to wiretap some drug dealer, they get him to download
>>one of their programs somehow.  Maybe they've got a Java bug which
>>lets them hack files when he goes to a certain web page.  Or maybe
>>they get him to download some free demo of a game or interaction
>>service (hotchicks.com).  Whatever, the program actually looks for
>>PGP and other crypto software and hacks it.  Now the FBI can read
>>his stuff.
>What we have here is a technology race.  Assuming it is legal for a
>hypothetical government organization to pull a stunt like that, we merely
>build our own encryption software that is compatible with the current stuff,
>or failing that have an unreasonable amount of different publically
>available versions out there.

Well, paranoia can be useful at times, but this is ludicrous.

Will the Evil Virii be able to overwrite CD-ROM bits? (I use a CD-R to
backup my critical files, which a set of it stored elsewhere.)

If viruses are their main means of attack, I'll breathe easy.

--Tim May

The Feds have shown their hand: they want a ban on domestic cryptography
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