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Re: Plea for help from IRS; Liberty?

At 08:51 PM 09/25/1997 -0400, Decius 6i5 wrote:
>>   The Clintons are also working to push us into the UN Rights of the Child
>>   Treaty, which shifts many parental rights and responsibilities to the
>>   government. The Clintons want to bypass parents and directly access
>>   children. How do you think they plan to monitor and enforce compliance
>>   with this horrible treaty? The SSN, in my opinion.

Somebody out there got this confused idea that Clinton's a liberal and
started spreading it around; I've met liberals and he ain't one.
Remember the Clinton plan for immunizing children?  The alpha version
had the government take over all the vaccines, register all the kids, and 
vaccinate them.  The beta version had the government fund lots of money to
buy vaccines, register all the kids, and vaccinate poor kids.  A much later 
beta version had dropped most of the other features except registering all
the kids.

Now there's a new database for catching deadbeat parents that all employers
have to report all newly hired employees to in case they _might_ be
deadbeat parents,
including name, address, SSN, and contact information.  That means if I get
as a W2 employee again, even though I've never had a kid and have no plans to,
I'll be in there.  Unless I refuse, and may employer has to pay the $25 fine.
(It's $500 if they conspire with the employee to not file...)
The newspaper reports sound like it'll be pretty easy to get information on
people in the database, and that about 60 million people get hired at jobs
each year.
Doesn't say anything about privacy act concerns...

Back to the UN Convention on Rights Of The Child...
A few years back, some of the UN employees in my Quaker meeting were
organizing to
have us help lobby our Congresscritters to get us to sign it, and our fine
SenatorCritter Bill Bradley was a big proponent.  We studied it quite a bit,
though I've forgotten much detail.  It has about 60 parts.  There are some
things in it like governments agreeing not to draft kids younger than 16, a
nd not to execute kids, and other basic civil rights things they really
cared about.
We were all frustrated by some of the language - stuff like 
	"children have the right to freedom of religion,
	except when it interferes with the needs of social order" 
	"children have the right to freedom of speech, except when it ...."
It's also got some parts that are actively evil, in addition to parts that are
mostly pandering to governments that still want to control kids.
	- the right to registration for social insurance
Bill Stewart, [email protected]
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