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Re: FCC Proposes V-Chip Requirements for TV Manufacturers

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On 9/26/97 2:20 PM, Bill Stewart ([email protected])  passed this

>The FCC yesterday proposed rules that would give television 
>manufacturers until July 1 1998 to put V-Chips in half of new TV 
>sets with monitors 13 inchesor larger,and in all sets by July 1, 
>1999. Reed Hundt said that this will "ensure that V-Chip technology 
>does in fact exist in a relatively short period of time".Industry 
>officials protested that the time limit is way too short for 
>manufacturers,saying they need 18 months - 2 years. Comment period 
>runs until November.
>Meanwhile, some of the major TV networks are going to a more 
>detailed rating system,Sex/Violence/Language/SuggestiveDialog, with 
>a FantasyViolence category for kids' shows.NBC is resisting 

   At the risk of asking the obvious .... what ever happened to
parents supervising their kids ... I know all the reasons ... mod and
dad working etc .... but I teach school, and here in Vermont I still
run into families with two breadwinners who actually know what their
kids are doing ... (sadly, not as many as I wish I would meet; and
since my job is working with 'at risk' students 98% of the parents I
deal with have no clue as to what their kids are doing)

  The joke of the whole thing is that most probably the kids will know
how to manage the 'controls' better than the parents and they will use
the V-ratings and controls to figure out which shows they will find
'most interesting!'

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