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Re: Remailers and ecash

>Steve Schear wrote:
>>At 3:18 AM -0400 9/27/97, Anonymous (sic) wrote:
>>>Just out of a curiousity, why is it that no remailers accept ecash?
>>>(This is not a jibe at remailer operators or authors of remailer
>>>software.  I am really curious if this is a "didn't get to it yet"
>>>sort of thing, or if there's something hard about it.)
>>One item which has been missing is an accessible API. (The Digicash
>>merchant software is, I believe, designed for online use only.)  This
>>need is about to be fulfilled.
>Digicash has software for Unix platforms which one could very easily
>call from a Perl script.  Sure, it wouldn't be pretty, it wouldn't be
>ideal, but it would work and should be easy to incorporate into many
>of the remailers.  (I think.)

True, but then the remailer's income would be available to LE, since payee
anonymity isn't supported by DC.  Accountless operation is by far a better
alternative for some business.