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Re: Memo From Washington Gestapo Tyranny

Congratulations Cypherpunks!!!

  From: "Igor Chudov @ home" <[email protected]>

> Wow, Assassination politics (as Anonymous claims)  made its way into the
> anti-terrorism manuals...
> igor

> >*    using the  Internet  to  promote  extremist  ideas  such  as
> >     "Assassination Politics"  or predicting the date of death of
> >     a law  enforcement officer  or government  official to win a
> >     cash price.

Most excellent. Now, all we need to really put some fear in them and make 
them clamp down so hard it will be noticable to the average sheeple, is an 
actual prediction and collection. For that, of course, we need genuinely 
anonymous digital cash.

> >Tell-tale signs of Patriot extremists can often be found in their
> >conversation  or   written  documents.    Common  indicators  are
> >biblical passages,  referring  to  the  state  as  a  "republic",
> >calling zip codes a "postal zone", refusing to acknowledge direct
> >questions, separating their middle and last names with a comma or
> >colon, placing  a thumb  print on  a document, claiming the court
> >has no  authority, or  using the  phrases:   all rights reserved,
> >without prejudice,  UCC 1-207,  pro se, sui juris, united states,
> >Black's law.

I guess the founders of this nation were also "Patriot extremists"!

Quoting the U.S. Constitution, Article IV ...

	"Section 4. The United States shall guarantee to every state in
	this union a republican form of government, and shall protect
	each of them against invasion; and on application of the
	legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be
	convened) against domestic violence. "

Those words are supposedly the law of the land. The only thing "guaranteed" 
by the constitution is "a republican form of government". I suppose quoting 
the constitution also marks one as a "Patriot extremist".

I certainly hope so!

> >Analysis and Trends
> >
> >These anti-government  extremists and  supporters  are  convinced
> >citizens  are  being  systematically  oppressed  by  an  illegal,
> >totalitarian government.   They  believe the time for traditional
> >political reform  has passed,  that their  freedom will  only  be
> >secured  by  resistance  to  the  law  and  attacks  against  the
> >government in several forms.

Well, they have this part right.

> >Members of these groups bond to one another and lose contact with
> >other people who hold different opinions.  The isolation works to
> >reinforce their  views, which  in turn  gives them  new  purpose.
> >This new purpose may take ordinary ideas to extremes, rationalize
> >their problems  into blaming  government, and  cause  members  to
> >compete with each other to make stronger statements.

How can someone remain isolated these days? With television and radio 
everywhere you look, and the mass media constantly telling how great 
everything is?

> >Trend and Incident Reporting
> >
> >If  you   become  victimized  by  paper  terrorism,  contact  the
> >Washington State  Patrol Organized  Crime  Intelligence  Unit  at
> >(360) 753-3277,  extension 121.   All  acts reaching  a  criminal
> >level should  be referred to your local law enforcement agency or
> >prosecutor's office.

Most excellent... I suggest we call this office and report paper terrorism 
on the part of the IRS!

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