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Re: Digital Postage (fwd)

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> Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 23:04:24 -0700
> From: Bill Frantz <[email protected]>
> Subject: Re: Digital Postage (fwd)

> At 2:04 PM -0700 9/28/97, Jim Choate wrote:
> >I can assure you that any business will not use multiple protocols unless
> >their interface is the same for all of them. There simply isn't enough
> >business to have very many systems.
> While this is certainly true for remailers at the present, it is not true
> for businesses in general.  Most of the stores I deal with locally will
> accept cash, checks or credit cards.  The interface (and accounting) for
> these is quite different.  (E.g there is no online check for cash, like
> there is for credit cards, and sometimes checks.)

These are all the same payment mechanisms. I run a business and the actual
accounting for cash, credit cards, etc. doesn't make my books a lot of
difference except in what column I put the numbers. My bank certainly
doesn't care where that money came from once deposited in my account from
somebody elses account.

I believe you are caught up in details of the system and not in differences
between systems.

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