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Re: quote

Zooko Journeyman wrote:

> I've argued with myself for years about whether the spread of 
> the Net would connect these people back to their fellow humans,
> by offering uncensorable, violence-free communication channels,
> or whether it help them to make virtual communities consisting
> solely of people who reinforce their own beliefs.

> I'm still hoping for the former...

um, i don't understand why you think these are 
mutually exclusive. it pretty obvious that 
people with similar interests will get together 
and form virtual communities based on common 
values rather than physical proximity when they 
have access to a communication 
infrastructure like the net. 

accidental and arbitrary interactions is the darker 
side of brick-wall reality, the internet is the tech 
to transcend it. when people have the tech they use it. 


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It was a conventional enough question and Muller gave the 
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