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Re: Remailers and ecash

: Then Mr. Cantsin seemed to go back to the all you need are some spare parts
: theory of remailer operation.  Enormous profits of $200 per month, or even
: $5,000 per year.  Well, Cracker handles close to 25% of worldwide remailer
: traffic of it's kind[1].  And it's not much.  I would say this is due
: mainly to the user interface.  Making remailers more difficult to use by
: adding Ecash is not going to increase traffic significantly.

Basicly most of those 3400 message cracker handles daily are cover trafic,
a big chunk of the rest is from people "playing" around with the remailer,
then there are those few that needs some form of anonimity so they can inform
a mailinglist/postmaster/complaints department, and then maybe once a week
or so there is that message that would be paid for if remailers were for pay.

So in short, if remailers were to be paid for, traffic would halt.

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