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Re: Crypto Legality Question

Will Rodger wrote:
> At 01:25 PM 9/29/97 +0000, Jim Burnes wrote:
> >ACME corporation, a mostly Canadian outfit with a major
> >subsidiary in the US, wants to roll out corporate wide crypto.
> >
> >Most of their network operations are in the US except one
> >of their offices in Ireland.
> >
> >Question (1): Can they buy a strong crypto package in the
> >US and physically roll it out to both Canada and Ireland.
> Nope. Though Canada allows export of strong crypto generally,
> Canadians may not re-export US products once they enter the country.

  Yo, dude!
  If the company buys PGP 5.0, then their Ireland office can obtain
the freeware version from an overseas site, or have their Canadian
office send it to them.
  Freeware is legally exportable from Canada. (I lost my pointer to
the site that explains the legal implications, but Adam Back might
have it unless he is doing as many drugs as myself, and has lost
it, as well.)

  Also, there is a Canadian company which has a decent full-strength
crypto package, can't remember the name of their product, but if you
contact Dimitri, he can tell you, although he will also point out
that the commie ratfucking cocksucker Chris Lewis is connected with
the company.

  And, realistically, regardless of the source of the crypto package
a Canadian company uses, or the restrictions against its export,
unless the company makes a point of advertising their sharing of the
software with their Irish subsiduary, it would be a point of extreme
embarassment for Canadian officials to harass a Canadian company for
sending strong crypto to another member of the British Commonwealth,
even if it no longer officially exists.
  I know several companies that do so, and they have no problems.

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