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Re: Remailers and ecash

Lucky Green wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Anonymous wrote:
> [In reply to my claim that Type 1 remailers are fun toys. No more].
> > Please pardon my ignorance, but could you elaborate on this attack?
> > Assuming the user's machine is not compromised, in which case the game
> > is over, whose machines are being broken into?  Are you saying that
> > The Enemy just watches the messages going in and out of a particular
> > site and then watches the site where they suspect the messages are
> > going?
> Correct. The adversary watches messages move in and out of the mix. [This
> is quite easy to acomplish, given the security or lack thereof, of much
> network infrastructure]. I really don't have the time to write an intro on
> this topic. Subscribe to
> the Bugtraq mailing list for a year and you'll understand what I mean.

  I run two Type 1 remailers on different machines which access
ISPs. I not only swap in/out messages between machines, I also send some
of the email via separate machines on separate accounts.
  The remail I handle is not super-clandestine stuff, it is mostly for
those who wish to post to health lists without insurance company narcs
gathering information they can use to fuck them out of their coverage.

  I also employ some tactics which I will not reveal, as my stance is
that one should proceed as if every spook in the world is monitoring
them, regardless of the level of security that may be sufficient if
one goes by surface appearances.
  If one is serious about anonymity, then one should always assume that
each and every remail contains life and death information that should
not be compromised. 

Fuck You