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RE: sounds just like the snitch you are [was]RE: engineering infowar disasters

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on or about 970927:2154 
    Phillip Hallam-Baker <[email protected]> left his excrement:

+I suspect I'm not the only person on the list who is responsible  for a
+service that is a regular hacker target. If I catch someone I  really
+don't care what the motive for the attack was. I'm going to look to
+make that person serve jail time.

    I do not advocate infowar disasters or any such, but:

    there is _nothing_ lower than a snitch; you just qualified. a snitch
    is without honour, lower than the thief; lower than the law.

    may you enjoy your visit...  when do you go home to England or whatever
    sewer you crawled from?

I never promised any sabateur that I would keep any secret of theirs. I
have worked with law enforcement and the security services for many
years. If I catch someone damaging my property or property I am 
responsible for I call the authorities.

If someone is breaking into a bank and someone recognises the theif
thats not a snitch, thats a hero.

I believe that people who do bad things should go to prison.

It isn't my fault that this description includes many of the people you
send to congress. I never voted for any of them. Nor to judge from your
spelling did you. 

I completely reject your pseudononymous attempt to posit that there 
is a 'them and us' and that I somehow have a responsibility towards
anarchist thugs. When you grow up a bit you will learn that the real
world is not like your high school.

People depend on infrastructure. Lives depend on it. If people screw
it up someone is likely to be killed. Freeh will have a party. Indeed
its the sort of thing Nixon might have done on purpose to take
advantage of the backlash.