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An open invitation! *!

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I won't use up bandwidth with useless comments about this program, or testimonials from people you have never heard about before. We all know that multi-level-marketing is the wave of the future and that it is very easy to make a large amount of money in a very short time. I know, this is my second time using this program and I made well over $50,000 on my last attempt. 

Unfortunately, most people look at this type of program and toss it out, a very big mistake because they are also tossing out a chance to gain financial independance! 

This program contains all of the components necessary to make it a legal, multi-level-marketing program, a tangible product, a service, and a guarantee, so don't let someone fool you into thinking it's illegal, it's not!

Plain and simple english... This Program Works!  All it takes is a little of your time, a VERY small investment, and the will to succeed! Using the internet and e-mail, this program WILL make you a lot of money, and you can run through it again and again! 

*** For those of you that don't have access to a server that allows you to bulk e-mail, I can give you a special gift. I know a url where you can get FREE software which will extract e-mail addresses from the internet and create mailing lists for you!  I also have a list of FREE e-mail servers that allow you to send bulk mail!  All you have to do to get them is to include a note asking me for "THE FREE E-MAIL SERVERS" and BE SURE TO ENCLOSE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS WITH YOUR ORDER FOR REPORT # 1 ***


This plan works on a Four-level or Tier MLM Program plan.  This example that follows is
quite conservative;  however, you need to be aware that the numbers will change
(probably upward) depending on the distribution amounts, the response rate of return, and
the failure factor.  The only numbers which are imperative for you to remember, and be
able to match or exceed, are the number of orders received at Levels 1 and 2 (15 orders
and 105, respectively).  You must receive at least 15 orders for Report # 1, and 105

Here is a VERY CONSERVATIVE  example of how this works.  First, you and those
following will each distribute 5,000 MLM Invitations to Participate in the program (what
you are now reading).  Second, the response rate of orders (future participants) is usually
.003 (three in a thousand).  Third, of those who respond with an order, $10, and the
willingness to enter this program, 50% will for whatever reason not redistribute it.  This is
call the failure factor.  The real number for these failures is closer to 30%, but remember
you are being presented  a very conservative example.

So, you decide to give the program a TRY and enter at Level One and redistribute 5,000
new invitations which, at the return rate of .003 will provide you with 15 orders within 10
days to 2 weeks from future participants at $10 each, totaling $150 (instant return on your
investment).  Remember, we assumed 50% of the 15 new participants will fail to
redistribute, so only 7 will send out the next 5,000 invitations (35,000 total).

At Level Two, out of these 35,000 you should receive 105 (three in a thousand) orders
within an additional 2-4 weeks at $10 totaling $1,050, and 52 new participants (half of the
105) will each send out the next 5,000 invitations for a new total of 260,000 prospects. 
>From these you will receive 780 orders at Level Three, increasing your income by $7,800. 
Then 390 (half of the 780) people will each distribute another 5,000 proposals, which will
total 1,950,000 potential participants as you reach Level Four.  With the .003 response
rate there will be 5,850 new orders equaling $58,500 !  The total for all levels is $67,500. 
Not a bad return for sending out only 5,000 e-mail invitations.


The investment necessary to enter this program is $40 for the purchase of all 4 reports. 
This is a fixed cost of purchasing the four individual reports from preexisting Program
Members at $10 each.  Beyond this, the costs are variable depending on how you choose
to redistribute the Program and the cost of reproducing the reports.  Most certainly the
order response from Level One will cover all costs even for the very aggressive
participants.  This is a very nominal investment for such a wonderful return.  

All those people you know who brag about all their investments, their portfolios, etc.,
would just die if they knew what you now know - that you can turn $40 into $67,500 or
more in the NEXT FEW MONTHS!


After careful study and legal consultations, there are 2 important points you should now
and follow which keep this program perfectly legal and in compliance with US Postal and
Lottery Laws.  First, a product is being ordered by you and sold by the receiver of your
order.  Second, you need to request that your name be placed on the mailing list from
whom you order so a service is also being performed.  Title 18 Sections 1302 and 1341 of
the US Postal and Lottery Laws specifically states " A product or service must be
exchanged for money received."

Also remember when you receive your orders you MUST fill them promptly, preferably
the same day, with the Report being sold to comply with the law, and also to aid the new
participants in future order procurement not just for themselves but also for you.


The check points which GUARANTEE your SUCCESS and the optimal financial return
for all participant members are simply these:

	1.  You must receive at least 15 orders for Report # 1
	2.  You must receive at least 105 orders for Report #2

This is easy, but it's an absolute must !!!   No matter how many program invitations you
chose to redistribute, if you don't receive the necessary 15 or more orders for Report # 1,
keep sending more invitations until you receive the necessary 15 orders.  The more you
get, the more money you will make.  This also applies for the 105 orders for Report # 2.

Once you have received the necessary 105 or more orders for Report # 2, simply sit back,
take a deep breath and relax because you are going to receive orders in excess of $67,500. 
This is a MATHEMATICALLY PROVEN  guarantee.  Of those who have participated in
this program and reached the above minimum orders, all have reached or exceeded their
goal.  Just imagine what would happen if there was no failure factor, or if it were just
lower than the calculated 50% !

The question is, do you really want to have $67,500 in your bank in the next few months? 
I am sure you do, so are you willing to give the program a TRY?  You will never know if
it works if you don't TRY.......

Remember, if you want your ship to come in, you have to launch it first.  The hardest part
of this program is deciding to do it.  Once you have taken that step then you need to
decide how to get the 5,000 or more names with whom you want to share this program. 
There are many companies that will provide mailing lists with e-mail addresses.  You have
gotten lots of advertisements over e-mail offering bulk mail services....NOW MAKE

***  WHAT TO DO  ***

"OK, I am of THREE IN A THOUSAND - I've decided this venture is worth $40.00. 
What do I do now?

STEP # 1  -  Purchase each of the four Reports by NAME and NUMBER, and request to
be put on the mailing list (both street and e-mail addresses and important) to each seller. 
Do this by ordering one of the four Reports from each of the four names listed here after. 
For each Report send $10 CASH and a SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVELOPE
(Business size #10) to the person listed for the SPECIFIC REPORT.

It is essential that you specify each Report ordered by name and number for each person
to insure that you will receive all four Reports properly.  You will need all 4 Reports
because you will be REPRODUCING AND RESELLING them.  Do not alter the names
or the sequence of the name list in any way other than by what the instructions say.  It is
important for you to receive same day service on your orders, and you must also must also
provide it to others when you receive orders.

STEP # 2  -  Put your name on the list prior to your distribution of the Program
Invitations.  In doing so it is imperative for everyone's success in this Program that you
follow these instructions exactly.  First, delete the person's name from Report # 4 position
as they will be on their way to the bank.  Second, move the name in the Report # 3
position into the open # 4 position.  Third, move the name from Report # 2 spot into the #
3 position.

Fourth, move the name from the Report # 1 position to the # 2 place.  Finally, place your
name and address into the Report # 1 position.  When doing this, make certain to type the
names and addresses accurately, and to not mix up the order of the names with each
Report other than as how you have just been instructed.


Order from:  Rick Kowalski  617 Gateway Road, WPG., MB., Canada, R2K-2X8

Order from:  Sarah Glade 168 Harbison Ave. West, Winnipeg MB, Canada, R2L-0A4

Order from:   Department 2, LBK Marketing & Graphics, PO Box 351509, Jacksonville,
FL 32235-1509

Order from :  USI, 3400-L MacArthur Blvd., Santa Ana, CA  92704

REMEMBER!  Order each report by name and number, and to include with the $10 cash
a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


Having made the changes in the name list, save the new Program as a text file, using
"Notepad" in Windows in its own directory to be used with whatever mass mail program
you like.  Report # 3 will give you some of the best methods for distributing this Program. 
Be creative!  Who knows what your personal twist will produce!


It is essential that the Reports you reproduce look like the originals - not copies of copies
of copies.  The more professional you keep your business the more so will those behind
you.  Always provide same day service.  It's sound business and the sooner your buyers
get started, the sooner you start counting your money.


1.  Name your new MLM Company.  You can use you own name if you desire.

2.  Get a Post Office box if you can, as it is a preferred way of doing MLM.

3.  Edit the names on the Program.  Remember, your name goes into the Report # 1
     position.  The others move down one position with the fourth name being deleted.

4.  Copy and save this program as it has become yours to reproduce for distribution via
     any and all methods you choose.  Make certain it remains neat and legible.

5.  Decide on the number of Programs you intend to distribute.  The more invitations you
     send out, and the quicker you get them into the hands of other interested people, the
     more money you will make.

6.  Decide on your methods of distribution and obtain as many e-mail addresses as
     possible to send to until you receive the information regarding mailing list companies
     in Report # 3.

7.  Distribute the Program Invitations, and get ready to fill your orders.

8.  Reproduce or copy each of the four Reports so you are ready to send them out as soon
     as you receive your orders.  Remember, when you do, to keep them looking like
     originals and to always provide same day service.

9.  Follow the program instructions exactly, but be as creative and aggressive as you can.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this.  Now print it out, RE-READ IT and
envision that new car, that vacation, that new house, or that quality education for your

Is it too good to be true?  No, but it is too good to let slip through your fingers.  Are you
one of THREE IN A THOUSAND?  Are you going to prove to yourself whether or not
you can make alot of money in a short period of time by working smart?  Are you willing
to TRY?  

It is your decision.  GOOD LUCK !

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