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The Doors Collectors Magazine

Welcome to the first issue of The Doors Collectors Magazine's Strange Days Email Newsletter sent out free to our on-line Doors friends. We don't believe in spamming so if you have received this newsletter in error, please send a return email to [email protected]  with the word "remove" in the subject line and your name will be blocked from any future issues of our email newsletters.


After eight years of printing paper copies of The Doors Newsletter we're now adapting to this new digital format.  Since it's hard to email bulky visuals of what we're talking about, we've set up several web pages that have more information about certain topics. If something strikes you as interesting, by all means check out the pages!  Many of these web pages will not be connected to the rest of our web site and will remain exclusive only for those members of our email list. To fond out more about this list, go to:

We will continue our periodic (snail-mail) mailings which go out to all Doors fans on our mail list, but now that it's not a 3 week job to get these newsletters sent out we're hoping we can keep everyone more up-to-date.

Contents of this issue (not in order of importance)
      1.  Wild Child: Life With Jim Morrison  
          (A new book)
      2.  The Doors Box Set   (Finally!)
      3.  A Conversation With Jim Morrison  (New CD)
      4.  The Doors Museum  (A very RARE poster!)
      5.  The Doors Madison Square Garden '69  
          (New cassette tape)
      6.  The Doors Original Equipment  (For Sale?!)


A new book was recently released in the UK called "Wild Child: Life with Jim Morrison" by Linda Ashcroft  (£17.99).  Strangely enough days after copies hit the shelves, they were pulled! Those of us in the States donít have too much of a chance of getting these first editions since right now all the UK copies have either been pulled or sold.  You lucky people in Australia still have a chance of getting your copies though!  But be quick about it because they *will* be pulled there, too!  If any of you have any extra first edition copies (August í97) that you would like to sell please shoot me an email! Iím interested! 

So, what's the book about?  I talked to Linda and this is what she had to say:

"Wild Child: Life With Jim Morrison" invites you to run with Jim Morrison and me from the summer of 1967 until three days before his death in Ď71. Drawn from the pages of "Jim said" and "I said" that made it to my diary from the time, "Wild Child" often simply lets Jim speak for himself.  Before he left for Paris Jim told me, "It may have been in bits and pieces, but I gave you the best of me." Jim teased I was the ballast in his life; a "Horse Latitudes" joke.  May "Wild Child" provide ballast for his memories.

I guess when you ask authors for quotes, advertisements are what you get *But* Iím here to tell you more, so crank on the first Doorsí CD, song #7 is a good place to start, and listen up:  

This book is a biographical account of a young girl (15 years old) and her experiences with Morrison. Although she admits that, while they never had sex, the two were going to be married when Jim returned home from Paris. They even had their rings picked out at one point.  Whether or not this book has any merit remains to be seen (I haven't got a copy yet), but one thing remains sure... due to what the publishers are calling an "editing error"...the books are not on the shelves in England anymore and are almost impossible to find which makes these first editions instant collectibles.

James Langton (London Telegraph) asked me to help him research an article for their paper. I obliged, only to be repaid by his mis-quoting the name of our magazine in the Telegraph article. (Sorry James, but I hope the rest of your article was more accurate;-) James felt very skeptical about the book because he had an impossible time finding *anyone* to back up the authorís seemingly unsubstantiated claims.... In fact, heís still looking. And I'm told that one only has to read the first 40 pages or so to realize why the book was pulled from the shelves.

Whether or not the book's claims are true, *my* only claim (so far) is that these first editions from August 1997 will be worth their weight in gold, not just because of the controversial claims, but also because of the books' limited availability ...and that's a lot of gold considering this is a 549 page book!  What about the second issues?  Weíll have to get back to you on this one.

2.  *********************  THE DOORS BOX SET

It's all over! The Wait is Over!  October 28th, 1997 is the release date! The three remaining Doors were spotted in the studio last Friday finishing up some loose ends on the musical background for "Orange County Suite." Doors fans have waited a long time for the box set's release, but finally the wait will be over.  A set list given by the band to Ice Magazine says the box set will look like this: 

CD 1
           Five to One, Miami 1969
           Queen of the Highway,1969 demo
           Hyacinth House, demo
           Who Scared You, b-side to Wishful Sinful
           Black Train Song, Philadelphia 1970
           Whiskey, Mystics and Men, Morrison Hotel 
           I Will Never Be Untrue, LA 1970
           My Eyes Have Seen You, 1965 demo
           End of the Night, 1965 demo
           Moonlight Drive, 1965 demo
           Rock is Dead, 1969 studio jam
           Albinoni, 1969 symphonic piece

CD 2  Live in New York 1/70
           Roadhouse Blues
           Ship of Fools
           Peace Frog/Blue Sunday
           Celebration of the Lizard
           Crawling King Snake
           Poontang Blues/Build Me a Woman/
           Sunday Trucker
           The End

CD 3
           Hello to the Cities, composite track
           Break On Through, Isle of Wight 1970
           Rock Me, Vancouver 1970
           Money, Vancouver 1970
           Someday Soon, Seattle 1970
           Go Insane, 1965 demo
           Mental Floss, LA 1970
           Summer's Almost Gone, 1965 demo
           Adolph Hitler, Boston 1970
           Hello I Love You, 1965 demo
           Crystal Ship, San Francisco 1967
           I Can't See Your Face in My Mind, SF 1967
           Soft Parade, PBS 1970
           Tightrope Ride, OV released version
           Orange County Suite, 1970
CD 4  Band Favorites
          Densmore's picks: 
             Love Me Two Times/Riders on the Storm/
             When the Music's Over/Unknown Soldier/
             Wild Child
          Manzarek's picks: 
             I Can't See Your Face in My Mind/
             Land Ho!/Shaman's Blues/
             Yes, the River Knows/You're Lost Little 
          Krieger's picks: 
             LA Woman/Light My Fire/Peace Frog/
             Take It As It Comes/Wishful Sinful
All tracks on CD 4 are the released versions. The track order may differ from what is listed here, but the other three CDs are supposedly correct. 

My personal feeling is that there will be a few surprises on the box set, too. But I guess we'll have to wait and see... Hopefully one of the surprises will be "Paris Blues"?  or maybe even some words from Morrison himself ?!


A new compact disc is now out with a previously unpublished interview with Jim Morrison conducted by Ben Fong-Torres of Rolling Stone Magazine in February of 1970.  Doors historians will note this is right before Jim left for Paris. The 74-minute interview is brilliant. Finally we hear an interview by a professional journalist with some excellent questions!  As a bonus, we hear Pamela Courson answer a few questions as she entered the apartment where the interview was being conducted.

Unlike many European CDs that have been released recently, this one has a quality interview and some seriously delightful insights instead of sad disappointments.  

This is the first time I've ever heard the voice of Pamela in an interview, and what a great interview to hear it on! Definitely a CD that is not to be missed! For more information and a list of topics that are covered in the CD, please check out:


Ever since The Doors asked our magazine to host a Doors memorabilia review on their video laser disc set, "The Doors Collection"  I've wanted to do a series of web pages on this same topic.  This section will feature both collectibles that are for sale and those that have recently been sold. While our printed magazine features an Auction Review in each issue, this web section will feature underground items that have been bought and sold between collectors. This will give Doors fans the opportunity to see many collectibles that they wouldn't be able to see any other way.

We tried to get this section finished in time for this bulletin, but were unable to get the html finished up for most of the items.  Keep checking http://www.doors.com for the latest news about this section!  We do have atleast one web page completed for this list - it is of a very rare collectible that thus far remains unsold. It is...

The Doors very own commercial poster privately printed in August 1968 and sold at two concerts.  They must've sold a million, you say!  No, it was a financial flop.  While artistically designed by Jim Morrison and Paul Ferrara, the poster proved to be cumbersome and very impractical to market. Ray Manzarek himself explains why in his hand written letter of authenticity that accompanies the poster.  Ray estimates that only about 300 of these posters were actually sold making it one of the rarest Doors posters there is!  For more details (Rayís letter in particular) check out:


As already reported in The Doors Collectors Magazine #9 a better than average audience recording of The Doors Madison Square Garden show from  January 24, 1969 has found its way out of the box it sat in for the last 28 years and is available on our trade list. Our copy comes from a DAT of a first generation tape...it doesn't get much better than this! This historic show was a sold out performance to over 20,000 fans!  The Doors had a horn section on stage to augment all the Soft Parade album songs that they performed that night.  Definitely a Doors performance at the pinnacle of their career like no other tape around!  For more on the MSG show be sure to check out the Strange Days home page for a very interesting article written by Bill Tikellis that is jam packed full of details


The Doors Collectors Magazine has been commissioned to sell The Doorsí original concert equipment including the only gold microphone that Jim Morrison ever used despite what they say at the Rock ní Roll Hall of Fame! (But thatís another story for our magazine...) These lots arenít exactly for the everyday collector but if youíre as big a Doors nut as I am, you might want to stop by and take a look around at:


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