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Turn Your Ideas, Interests or Hobbies into a Lifetime Income, with...


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The Secret of Financial Freedom

Find something you love so much you'd do it for nothing, develop and market it, and the world will shower you with wealth! It starts with "The Four D's..." Dream, Discover, Develop, and Do it!" THE KITCHEN TABLE MILLIONAIRE gives you all the tools you need!

Home-based business is a $380 billion industry. Ironically, the same technology responsible for massive layoffs and unemployment makes it possible for the
average individual to run a prosperous home business out of a spare bedroom, the garage or even the kitchen table!

60,000 new home businesses are started across America every week. That's one every 11 seconds. Average income is $50,000--twice the national average employee salary. Success rates over a 3-year period are an astounding 85 percent, compared with just 20 percent in the traditional small business sector. An astonishing 90 percent of all home-based businesses succeed in the first year! 

The key to success is not quick-buck schemes or wild goose chases. You need proven INFORMATION and RESOURCES.

The Kitchen Table Millionaire is a revolutionary new book that provides the explosive techniques necessary to develop any idea, then target the widest possible market, and effectively sell to that market. You can get started right away, in just a few hours a day, without interfering with your present job. 

You don't have to be lucky, well-educated or come from a rich family in order to be successful. A recent survey of successful business owners showed that only 3 percent came from wealthy families. Nearly 50% came from the ranks of the poor or lower middle class. Only 29 percent finished college.

Thomas Carlyle said, "the true university of these days is a collection of books." And The Kitchen Table Millionaire is the only book you need!

What the Experts Say

"This extraordinary book could change your life! It will open your eyes to opportunities that you cannot now imagine. You should get it, read it, and apply it in your life. You will be astonished!" 
- Brian Tracy, best-selling author of Maximum Achievement and The Psychology of Success 

"The Kitchen Table Millionaire provides the nuts, bolts and ideas to help you achieve your dreams of home business success." 
- Carolyn Tice, Executive Editor, Home Business News; American Home Business Assoc.

"This easy to use book goes much deeper than its competition full of innovative, step-by-step  advice about how to get your project off the ground." 
- Opportunity Magazine

"Having spent most of my adult life self-employed, I've been approached with more money making opportunities than I could possibly imagine. Everyone wants to sell me "the book that can change my life forever." I've seen them all. And I've been distinctly unimpressed. But The Kitchen Table Millionaire caught my attention... and kept it. Cochrane's advice is based on tried and true strategies, that, for the most part, the experts have kept secret." 
- Author Anthony Trupiano, in The Best Deals in America Today

What Readers Say

"The book is clear, concise, and most of all, it works! After applying the strategies, my consulting business grossed $6,000 in a single month, and continues to flourish, thanks to you!" 
- F. J. Procopio, California

"I just finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed it as well as gained a lot of new ideas and knowledge from your expertise. I have to admit my favorite line in the book is on page 7, "Even if you win the rat race, you're still a rat."
- M.D. Foster 
"I've been suckered by more than a few schemes in my search for reliable home business information. I bought courses by Brad Richdale and Carlton Sheets, and was very disappointed with the information I received. You really do walk the talk."
 - K.W., Alberta, Canada 

"It's nice to know there is more out there than just get-rich-quick schemes and real estate hucksters. Thank you so much!" 
- J. Rapp, California 

"If you can't make money from reading this book, you can't make money." 
- A. Jacobellis, Texas

Extraordinary Success Stories of Ordinary People... Like You!

A San Jose, CA woman started a mobile paper shredding business off the back of a truck--and grossed $180,000 in her first year! Anthony Raissen launched BreathAsure on a single radio station--for free--and turned it into a multi-million dollar empire, virtually overnight! 

An 82-year old man comes up with novelty items like the "Good Egg" Award; a trophy with an egg on top, which he sells to manufacturers--who do all the work, and pay him a 5% royalty per sale!

Another California entrepreneur developed a method for pet lovers to document details of their animal's care, feeding, identification and vaccination records, using the identical color and design as real passports. After selling the idea to a large pet store chain, over 40,000 units have been sold nationwide, at $6.00 each!

A Utah woman ships packages containing a dozen chocolate chip cookies with a floral stem pushed through the middle. She started the business by advertising on in-flight airline magazines, taking orders by phone and shipping UPS. The result? $40,000 in sales the first year, with projected profits of $80,000 the next!

Is There Any Reason Why You Can't Do the Same?

The Kitchen Table Millionaire will show you how to use the proven, practical methods of successful entrepreneurs to build your financial independence... safely and inexpensively!

The Most Explosive Wealth Building Strategies in Existence!

- How to Turn Your Ideas Into Wealth
- Removing the Fear and Intimidation from Setting up and Registering Your Home-Based Business
- Invention Marketing... from A to Z
- Explosive Dynamarketing Strategies
- Financing: Venture Capital and Angels
- Mail Order Mastery
- Newspaper Classified Advertising
- Self-Publishing: How to Write Your Book Using Nothing But Some Loose Leaf Paper and a Tape Recorder!
- Cybermarketing on the Internet
- Electronic Direct Response: The Future of Marketing
- Per-Inquiry Advertising: How to Get Television, Radio and Print Ads with Little or No Cash
- Free Publicity in Newspapers, Radio and TV Nationwide
- Fairs and Trade Shows
- 900 Numbers: More than Just Sleaze and Psychics
- Auctions
- Paper Power: The Explosive New Real Estate Paradigm
- Financial Flourish: Keep Your Banker From Robbing You Blind
- Comprehensive Resource Directory
- And Much More!

Whether you've been searching for the right opportunity, or want to take your existing business into the stratosphere, The Kitchen Table Millionaire gives you the practical, proven techniques that will make success inevitable. But that's not all... 

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- Save up to 90% on Air Travel
- 60% Savings on Five Star Hotel Rooms
- How to get Incredible Deals from Price Quote Companies
- Painlessly Pay Off a 30-Year Mortgage in Under 16 Years
- How to get Swift Results when You've Been Ripped Off
- How to Sell Your House Fast
- Slash Your Insurance Costs
- Lowest-Rate Credit Card Companies
- PowerSecrets for Boundless Energy
- Super Metabolism-Boosting Foods
- Triple Your Odds of Quitting Smoking
- Eliminate Hidden Toxins from Your Food
- Banish that Flabby Stomach... Permanently
- Get Professional Back Pain Relief Over the Telephone
- And Much More!

Iron-Clad Guarantee

Your satisfaction with The Kitchen Table Millionaire is unconditionally guaranteed.
There's no 30-day, 90-day or even a six month limit. If you're not 100% satisfied,
simply return the book for a prompt refund.

About the Author 

Patrick Cochrane is an entrepreneur, broadcaster, speaker and home-based business consultant. He has appeared on television, radio and in print throughout North America--showing people how to turn their ideas into reality while avoiding the pitfalls of misinformation and schemes. Patrick resides in La Jolla, California.

This is a limited time offer, and may be withdrawn without notice!


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