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The Truth About E-Mail Marketing

NEW  ====> ResponsEmail Marketing System

Interested in Marketing Your Product or Service by Direct E-mail?

STOP chasing overhyped software, bogus mailing companies and dead ends, and get the e-mail marketing secrets of the PROS, in ONE comprehensive package!

Whatever Your Product, Service or Budget, ResponsEmail Delivers RESULTS!


<><><> What You Get <><><>

Directory of top bulk e-mail servers and ISPs, where you can mail without losing your account. Includes secure POP accounts, CGI-scripts, web hosting, autoresponders, etc.

Reliable sources for mailing lists; how to generate your own targeted lists in real time, virtually eliminating undeliverables! Even mail to prospects while they're actually online. It simply doesn't get any more immediate than that!

Free e-mail address list consortium, where to find free Remove lists, and more!

Where to find affordable bulk mail software tailored to your budget. From free and shareware to mega-mailer clients. ResponsEmail will have you up and running in no time!

How to mail to AOL... the latest tips and strategies! How to send custom messages to AOL members, AOL hot spots for bizop and business-to-business e-mail addresses, and more!

USENET newsgroups that are safe to post ads and extract addresses

How to bulk e-mail for MAXIMUM RESULTS. E-mail is a very unique medium, and requires a unique approach. Learn how to distinguish yourself from the crowd, create rapport and gain the trust and confidence of your prospects. Write killer ads that attract an AVALANCHE of response (ResponsEmail has generated response rates as high as 70 percent!) 

One million fresh, filtered bulk e-mail hot list... a $99.95 value... FREE!

Special limited edition copy of my newly published book, "The Kitchen Table Millionaire," including PowerSecrets! Packed with inside, proven marketing strategies, information and resources!

A wealth of free resources and tips: secret e-mail marketers' organization, how to filter your mailing lists with Microsoft Excel, easy way to make banners for your Web site, reduce your Web graphics up to 90%,  and more!


What would you expect to pay for such a complete, proven,
bulletproof system?


No... If you act now, ResponseMail can be yours for only $59.95
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Stop wasting your valuable time and resources chasing dead ends:


<><><> Legal Stuff <><><>

The ResponseMail E-Mail Marketing System is copyright 1997, and
is intended for the exclusive, private use of registered participants
only. Upon acceptance and registration, you must agree to sign a
Non-Disclosure Agreement upon payment of the $59.95 (U.S.)
application fee, which legally precludes you from revealing the
information contained in the ResponseMail E-Mail Marketing System
in whole or in part without expressed written permission.

As soon as you complete and return the Non-Disclosure
Agreement, you will receive the ResponseMail software, server
contact information and complete tutorial by e-mail, including
support by telephone and e-mail.

Please print, complete and rush with your payment of $59.95 to:

Windansea Publishing
8070 La Jolla Shores Drive, Suite 243
La Jolla, CA 92037

[  ] Yes! I want the e-mail marketing secrets of the pros! I am
enclosing my check or money order for $59.95. Please rush
the complete ResponsEmail Marketing System, including free
1 million hot list, THE KITCHEN TABLE MILLIONAIRE and
PowerSecrets bonus!

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Orders are fulfilled the same day they are received.