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More Money for You ... Try It !!!

Dear Adult Webmaster,

Tiarracorp’s Internet Advertising Group (IAG) is looking to add more adult websites to our advertising program. IAG is currently paying webmasters 3 cents per RAW click for banner ads. We pay EVERY Monday for the previous week's traffic.  In case you are wondering the difference between RAW and Unique... RAW means that we don't use some formula to calculate
how much you don't get paid for.  RAW means we pay you for EACH and EVERY click.

Tiarracorp has long been considered one of the most well-respected companies in the adult internet industry.  Our stats our reliable and truthful, which means more money for you.  Try it for yourself.  Take the challange and put one of our banners next to any of your other click
through programs and see which one pays you more.

For more info, see our site at http://www.tiarracorp.com/iag or email [email protected]

Thank you for your time.

Gerry L. and Mark T.
Internet Advertising Group


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