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Revised Agenda for Digital Money Conference

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Subject: Revised Agenda for Digital Money Conference
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 97 10:17:02 +0000
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From: "David G.W. Birch" <[email protected]>
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Here is the revised agenda for the forthcoming London conference on
Digital Money. Can you repost to all the usual interesting places.

Many thanks,
Dave Birch.

Digital Money: New Era or Business as Usual?

London, England, 7th-8th October 1997

Hyperion are co-sponsors of a two day seminar bringing together leaders
in the field. The seminar is organised by Unicom
<http://www.unicom.co.uk> in association with Lotus, NCR, Computer
Associates, Attachmate, IMIS, Automatic ID News, British Computer Society
and the Institute of Management Consultants.

The seminar costs UKP 845 plus VAT where applicable and places should be
booked through Lisa Murray at Unicom <mailto:[email protected]> directly.

Opening Address: Digital Money Directions
David G.W. Birch, Director, Hyperion.
Dave will sketch out 8 key questions about the future direction of
digital money schemes and relate them to the current state of digital
money deployment in Europe.

Keynote Address: Monetary Innovation in Historical Perspective
Glyn Davies, Professor Emeritus and economic advisor to Julian Hodge Bank
Ltd. A copy of Glyn's excellent book "A History of Money from Ancient
Times to the Present Day" will be presented free to all delegates with
the compliments of Hyperion.

Digital Money and Laissez-Faire Banking
David Cronin, formerly with Bank of Ireland.

Digital Money Liability
Nick Lockett, Field Fisher Waterhouse.

Why is the Electronic Economy Different?
John Browning (edited Wired UK).

Programmable Currenies
Howard Smith, CSC

Trading in the Internet Financial System
Ian Grigg, Systemics

The Electronic Purse in Context
Peter Hirsch, Retail Banking Research

Mondex, A Status Report
Steve Maier, Mondex International

E-Cash, GSM and the Net
Julian Wilson, AT&T Unisource

Electronic Purse: the lessons so far
Steve Johnson, Verifone

Getting from Real Money to Electronic Money
Robert Zipplies, DigiCash

Speaker from IBM

The Cybercash Solution Set
Steve Crispinelli, Cybercash

The Millicent Scheme
Henry Gouraud, Digital UK.

David G.W. Birch, Director.      Hyperion, 8 Frederick Sanger Road
http://www.hyperion.co.uk/           Guildford, Surrey GU2 5YD, UK
mailto:[email protected]                  Tel:+44(0)1483 301793
Finger for my PGP public key                 Fax:+44(0)1483 561657

Where people, networks and money come together....consult Hyperion

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