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Deliverable Mail

If you received this electronic mailing by mistake, please pardon the

Dear Friend;

Are you or somebody you know experiencing credit problems?  If the
answer is yes, our special offer might be just the cure you have been
looking for.  No longer will you have to live like a second class
citizen due to a bad credit report.  Bad credit can happen due to a
variety of reasons and can happen to anybody.  There is no profile of a
person with credit problems, it can happen to anybody.  In fact, one in
three Americans live with some form of bad credit.  Fortunately, the
United States Government has passed many laws under the Fair Credit
Reporting Act, all of which protect your rights as a consumer.  Our
manuals will show you how to use these Federal Laws to your advantage to
repair your credit, obtain a new credit report or add good credit to
your credit report!


Have you recently been denied credit due to a bad credit report?  Have
you seen your credit report lately?  If your answered yes, then you need
to take advantage of the 'FRESH START PROGRAM II' (TM) NOW!  This manual
is unique in that it shows you how to obtain a brand new Social Security
number which will allow you to open a brand new, fresh credit report. 
Using guidelines set forth by the Social Security Administration, this
easy-to-follow manual will guide you through the steps necessary to
obtaining your new Social Security Number.  Regardless of your present
credit, you can open a new credit file free of ANY judgements,
charge-off's, foreclosures, bankruptcies, bad credit, tax liens's,
garnishments, late pays and inquiries.


***** THE 'WorldCard' (TM) INSTANT CREDIT Credit Card *****

This program is very simple.  It extends to you a $5,000 instant line of
credit in the exclusive 'WorldCard' (TM) Wholesale Purchasing Club. 
This credit card comes to you with absolutely NO credit checks!

You will receive the 'WorldCard' (TM) Wholesale Purchasing Club catalogs
with over 5,000 items to choose from.  Jewelry, toys, tools, gift items,
housewares and much more are available.  After your first purchase, each
quarter you will receive updated catalogs with brand new items

You will be required to make a small down-payment with your orders
and then make a monthly payment of 10% of the unpaid balance.  It's just
that simple!  Your good credit with WorldCard will be reported to the
credit bureau's, which will show your excellent credit!

As a special BONUS, if you take advantage of this offer within the next
24 hours, you will be given $200 in cash certificates!  $100 may be used
on the first $300 unpaid balance and the other $100 may be used after
you have charged $600 on your new account.



If you have ever experienced the humiliation of a collection agency
calling you at home or at work, then this hard-hitting manual will put
an IMMEDIATE stop to those calls!

Millions of collection agency telephone calls and letters are made or
sent each week to those who owe money.  Consumers have been helpless to
stop the harassment of these predators, UNTIL NOW!

This manual will show you how to put an end to these telephone calls and
letters, INSTANTLY!  At the same time, these collection agencies will be
forbidden to EVER call or write you again!!  This manual has the inside
secrets the credit world does not want you to have!

Gain back your self-esteem and piece-of-mind by ordering 'Stop
Collection Agencies Cold' (TM) TODAY!!!



Good credit empowers you to qualify for personal loans, automobile
loans, business loans, credit cards, home loans and other types of
credit you may apply for at the very best interest rate.  As you know,
if you don't have excellent credit, lenders will NOT extend credit to
you!  The Fair Credit Reporting Act will allow you to legally and
permanently ERASE the negative information on your credit bureau file.

Anything damaging to your credit, such as bankruptcies, judgements, tax
liens, slow pays, repossessions, charge off's, foreclosures, late
payments, student loans and inquiries may be permanently and legally
REMOVED from your credit report!

If bad credit on your credit file is standing in the way of your
achieving the American dream, then order 'The Complete Credit Repair
Kit'(TM) NOW!!!


5201 Kingston Pike, Suite 6-216
Knoxville, Tennessee 37919

YES, please rush the manuals checked below:

_____   'The Fresh Start Program II' (TM)         	$34.95

_____   'WorldCard' (TM) Credit Card            	$34.95

_____   'Stop Collection Agencies Cold' (TM)   	 $34.95

_____   'The Complete Credit repair Kit' (TM)   	$34.95

_____   TAKE ALL FOUR (SAVE over $39)   	$99.95

$____________  Sub-Total

$4.95    Shipping & Handling for each manual ordered
$15.00   RUSH Delivery (Optional)

$____________  TOTAL ENCLOSED

I Have Enclosed (Check One):
_____   Cashiers Check
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_____   Personal Check
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Fax your order within 24 hours and receive a special Kodak film book
entitling you to
100 rolls of Kodak film as well as five 6X10 and ten 4X5 enlargements


Please tape your signed personal check in the space below and fax to
IMS.  The 24 hour facsimile number is 1-423-681-6520.


FAX 1-423-681-6520

Please TAPE Your Check Here

Please SIGN Your Check


THANK YOU For Your Order!!!

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