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Earn Big $$ Through Bulk Email

Does the idea of sending 200,000+ E-mail messages per hour excite you? Does having access to tens of millions of E-mail addresses  excite you? Does having access to free unlimited technical support excite you? If you have a product, service, MLM, business opportunity, or an interest in starting a new home-based business, it should! Announcing the Goldrush Stealth Mass E-Mailer with unlimited access to tens of millions of Email addresses!!!!

With one computer running   you could be making a killing selling via E-mail! Imagine if you sent your ad to 100,000 people and only 1 in a thousand purchased your product or service. That's 100 people giving you money for 30 minutes of work! Now imagine if you got a one percent response, 1000 people paying for your product or service.  I am sure you are starting to realize the potential here.  Bulk Email is completely legal and is done by fortune 500 companies everyday.  Now this incredible technology is available to you. 

With our service you also have access to our databases of tens of millions of E-mail addresses.  We are continually updating the databases weekly.  Many people pay upwards of $100 per 100,000 Email addresses.  With our service whenever you need more addresses you simply go to our website and download the addresses.  We are dealing with some of the biggest mailers in the country and are continually receiving and cleaning our lists.  That is how  we can offer  you unlimited addresses indefinitely.  It's that simple..

The amazing Stealth Mass Mailer uses multi-tasking capabilities to open many connections to the mail server(s) of your choice. This allows you with just one connection,  to send your sales letter to a staggering number of people in a very short period of time! Our software  has truly revolutionized the bulk E-mail business overnight.  No longer do you have to spend thousands of dollars to purchase and use this technology. 

You probably think a software program as sophisticated as the Stealth Mass Mailer would be difficult to learn to use, right? WRONG!!! Novices can learn to use the Stealth in 15 minutes or less. It was designed with the novice in mind, and comes complete with technical support available 12 hours a day.   It is so simple, we will have you up and running in just a few minutes.  And if you want to target all the Email addresses in your local area we have a supplemental program available that will allow you to extract addresses of people in your immediate area.  And remember, if you have any questions you can always call us for tech support.

The Stealth Mass Mailer is normally sold for $600.00, but for a limited time we are offering this truly amazing software for only $350.00!!!  If you are  offering something of interest, you'll make back the cost of the Stealth with your first bulk mailing.  Needless to say many of us are making a fortune on the Internet and now you can too!!  We can even suggest many products and services that do well on the net, or we can help you develop a sales letter for your existing company or  product.

Interested? You can download our demo version and be trained on the software before you even purchase.  Of course, the demo version is just that and will not send mass quantities of mail.  We're confident that  once you see for yourself just how easy  it is to use our software and download our files containing  millions of E-mail addresses you will want to purchase the full version of Goldrush and gain access to our databases immediately!

If you feel you have a legitimate interest in purchasing or discussing our software and/or  have questions about our E-mail addresses or  technical support  please call 904-788-3455. We will be glad to help you.  Our  hours of operation are from 10:00am - 10:00pm Monday - Friday EST. Thank you for your time.

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