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IRC Internet chat with Electronic Frontiers

I sent this message to the cypherpunks list (cyberpass) about 12 hours ago,
but have not seen it come up, so I'm sending it again.  My apologies if you
get two copies.  (this copy does have more listed at the bottom in the

There will be a series of IRC internet chats with Electronic Frontiers.  We
wish to address two main problems.  The Electronic Frontiers movement is
misunderstood by a lot of people, and there is not enough communication
between the independent EF organizations.

The idea was sparked by the recent Cypherpunks Christmas Eve chat.  Thanks
for the idea.  The members of the cypherpunks mail list are invited to our
upcoming internet chats.  Dates and info are below.  

The Electronic Frontiers movement is several independent organizations that
share a common thread to their name.  Each group speaks for themselves and
are not associated with each other.  The various EF organizations have no
association with the group called EFF.  We are grassroots organizations of
concerned citizens of our geographic areas, volunteering our time and
energy.  EF organizations exist in several US states and in different
countries around the world.  EF organizations have been responsible for
activities such as winning court cases like the Georgia Internet Anonymity
and web linking lawsuit, and the anti-spoofing spam lawsuit in Texas

Of particular interest to Cypherpunks is the fact that EFGA hosts a variety
of cypherpunk technologies, including a Cypherpunk Type-1 remailer,
nymserver, and mixmaster remailer.  We also have a PGP keyserver.  Recently
we created an FTP archive of privacy software.  So far this has been front
ends for remailers and PGP software that various software authors have sent
us to host.

All you need is an IRC client, and to log onto EFnet.  If you have
questions on how to do this, ask the list.  I'm a newbie with IRC and can't
help that much.  The first chat is Thursday, tomorrow, New Years day at
7:00 pm New York time.


There will be an IRC internet chat session for Electronic Frontiers.  More
info can be found at http://www.efga.org/about/meeting.html

Get out your IRC client and visit us on EFnet IRC in the
#ElectronicFrontiers channel.  There will be a chat session on 

  * Thursday, January 1, 1998 at 7:00pm EST 
    hosted by Robert Costner of Electronic Frontiers Georgia.

  * Saturday, January 3, 1998 at 3:00pm EST
    hosted by Scott Brower of Electronic Frontiers Florida.

  * Wednesday, January 7, 1998 at 5:00 EST (2:00pm Pacific)
    hosted by Jon Lebkowsky of EF-Texas

  * To be announced
    hosted by Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA)

These will be our first chat sessions.  After we see how this goes, we will
try to setup something on a regular basis.

  -- Robert Costner                  Phone: (770) 512-8746
     Electronic Frontiers Georgia    mailto:[email protected]  
     http://www.efga.org/            run PGP 5.0 for my public key