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Re: .50 ammo

Tim May wrote:
> Armor-piercing ammo, the common kind, is just steel-core ammo. This is
> readily available in most calibers, esp. military calibers. (A less common
> kind is "KTW" handgun ammo, which is under some recent restrictions. And
> even less common, and almost certainly unavailable to the proles, are
> "sabot" rounds, some with tungsten cores.)

By the way, I keep hearing about these sabot rounds but do not know
what they actually are. Could someone please explain. Thank you.

> (There is little need for this, for even folks like us. We are not likely
> to want to disable fleeing vehicles, etc. And even conventional lead-core
> rifle rounds will cut through body armor easily, which is all I care about.)

Many people underestimate the power of most rifles.

	- Igor.