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Re: cypherpunks and guns

Ryan Lackey <[email protected]>
#   AOLserver (a nice web server formerly from GNN/navisoft) punted their
#   128bit SSL module distribution *EVEN TO US CITIZENS* due to commerce
#   department fuckedness.  Anyone know where I could get a copy?  It would
#   really suck to have to patch the 40bit one into a 128bit version, since
#   they do not distribute source.

I don't know if this is the "module" form of the answer you want:

    Download Netscape Communicator 4.04 with 128 bits SSL today on: 
    Replay Associates distributes this software
    so you can safely conduct your E-commerce


   Tim May wrote:

   >   Final comment: If I find the motivation, I may finish an essay I've been
   >   working on about how we, the Cypherpunks and the World, are *retrogressing*
   >   in crypto areas. Most of the exotic applications are no longer being
   >   discussed, and various mundane commercial products are the main focus.

   >   Yawn.

How about moving this list to encrypt its transmissions in
the recipient's public keys, just to begin encrypting Net traffic?

Obviously not to hide what is being said, but simply to start
moving communications into the encrypted realm.

That way, we'll build up the software tools for handling this,
and try to get other lists to do the same.

Maybe encourage all pro-crypto people to use it for all email to as
many other people they talk with as possible. (Adopt two others...)

Heh: a white-list to allow only encrypted messages through.

Encourage Senators to set up public keys.

In general, try to get the general flow of traffic encrypted,
even if PGP is "mundane" these days.

Solving the human factors problem of getting its use wide-spread
is _not_ a mundane problem. Encryption ain't gonna be that useful
if only a few in-the-know use it.