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Re: Sentencing for Electronic Copyright Infringement

   >   Subject: Re: Sentencing for Electronic Copyright Infringement
   >   From: [email protected] (Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM)
   >   Date: Wed, 07 Jan 98 08:09:32 EST
   >   Tim May <[email protected]> writes:
   >   > When the ninja narc raiders cart our computers off for analysis, I'm sure
   >   > they can find enough violations to send us away for as many years as they
   >   > wish.
   >   And if Timmy knew a bit more about cryptography than he could learn by browsing
   >   through Bruce Schneier's book, the ninja narc raiders wouldm't be able to find
   >   shit on any of his media. :-)

Hey, Vulis, how does it feel to know all your phone lines
are being monitored by the FBI? For (among other things):
soliciting funds for terrorist groups incl Hamas to kill
a couple, and threatening government employees...

    Lon T. Horiuchi was indicted for murder today.
    The DOJ refused to prosecute him: the state will.