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Re: The Digital Society Group

   >   From: [email protected]
   >   To: [email protected]
   >   Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 18:07:24 -0500
   >   Subject: The Digital Society Group
   >   Hi all,

Hi, stranger.

   >   Openworld, Inc. is a company which sets up free enterprise zones around the
   >   world. The "free zones" are akin to Hong Kong and Singapore and are
   >   self-governing, independent entities as recognized by the parent country.
   >   A division of Openworld, Inc., The Digital Society Group, has been formed
   >   to apply technology to the infrastructure of the free zones and essentially
   >   mirror them in cyberspace <argh, the cyber word again>.
   >   Without getting into too much detail, The Digital Society Group is
   >   constructing a pure-technology infrastructure to provide for the operation,
   >   governance and existence of a complete digital society within a free
   >   enterprise zone.
   >   Locations are planned for Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia, etc.
   >   We are already coding...
   >   ---------------------------------------------------------------
   >   Jalon Q. Zimmerman, Director
   >   The Digital Society Group
   >   A division of Openworld, Inc.

Firing up the DejaNews traffic analysis tool...

    Jalon Q. Zimmerman:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

#   Subject:      I need a challenge!!
#   From:         "Jalon Q. Zimmerman" <[email protected]>
#   Date:         1995/06/19
#   Newsgroups:   misc.jobs.resumes
#   I'm bored with the usual run-of-the-mill jobs and am looking for a
#   challenge.  I want to solve problems, find solutions, and create
#   things with computers.
#   My background is in programming/computer security and I have a
#   strong creative talent.
#   My dream is to work in the R&D environment where I can be given
#   a problem/idea and turned loose.

Good boy. Good boy. Stop slobbering on the carpet...

%   Subject:      ENTERTAINMENT: The CyberGuy Project
%   From:         [email protected] (Jalon Q. Zimmerman)
%   Date:         1995/10/23
%   Newsgroups:   comp.infosystems.www.announce
%   Follow the crazed wanderings of a technomad. Announcing the CyberGuy
%   Project. The first fully functioning guy, with a real job, and a real
%   life, living with a laptop, a duffel bag full of stuff and the wide,
%   wide world as his home...
%   <URL:http://zgroup.compuvar.com/cyberguy/> [defunct]

Word: "Technomad". Like it.

#   I am moving.  1995/09/27

Moving from San Diego to...

#   Subject:      Columbus, Ohio - webheads netnerds arthackers wanted!
#   From:         [email protected] (Jalon Q. Zimmerman)
#   Date:         1996/04/08
#   Newsgroups:   oh.general,alt.cyberpunk,alt.rave,alt.2600
#   I'm looking for webheads, netnerds and arthackers in the Columbus area
#   to form an unstructured group and get a hangout going somewhere in a
#   Columbus coffee-house or something like that.
#   The idea is to throw a bunch of people and some resources together and
#   see what happens.
#   I have just moved to Columbus from San Diego where this type of thing
#   is a necessity for modern cyberpeople. Since I can't find anything
#   here, I thought I'd get it going myself.
#   If you are interested, mail me and we'll make it happen.

Columbus "4DeadIn" Ohio.

%   Subject:      Looking for investor wishing to start an internet provision company in Columbus
%   From:         "Jalon Q. Zimmerman" <[email protected]>
%   Date:         1996/01/16
%   Newsgroups:   cmh.general
%   I am looking for an investor wishing to start an Internet presence or
%   service provision company in the Columbus, Ohio area.  I have just
%   relocated from San Diego, Ca. and am interested in contributing the
%   "technical" element to a start-up venture.
%   Please contact Jalon Zimmerman at: 614-873-4250
%   Serious inquiries only.


#   From:         "Jalon Q. Zimmerman" <[email protected]>
#   Date:         1996/10/20
#   Newsgroups:   alt.mud.moo
#   Hello,
#   We are looking to sponsor a moo or some variation thereof as well as a
#   rather serious Mxx-related website for the sheer coolness of it.


        Date   Scr        Subject                 Newsgroup            Author
   1. 96/07/19 020 Corporate salespeople wanted sdnet.jobs            Jalon Q. Zimmerman
   2. 96/07/19 020 Interns wanted - marketing/P sdnet.jobs            Jalon Q. Zimmerman
   3. 96/07/19 020 Corporate sales - Internet r sdnet.wanted          Jalon Q. Zimmerman
   4. 96/07/19 020 Corporate salespeople wanted sdnet.jobs.offered    Jalon Q. Zimmerman
   5. 96/07/19 020 Re: Corporate salespeople wa sdnet.jobs            Jalon Q. Zimmerman
   6. 96/07/19 020 Re: Corporate salespeople wa sdnet.jobs            Jalon Q. Zimmerman
   7. 96/07/19 020 Interns wanted - marketing/P sdnet.jobs.offered    Jalon Q. Zimmerman

   ...moved to DC/Maryland...

#   Subject:  Exciting Internet jobs in growing DC & MD business: Programming,
#             Graphics Design, Web Page Design, Customer Service, and More!
#             Full-Time and Contractual positions saught.
#   From:         Cool Internet Jobs <[email protected]>
#   Date:         1997/03/13
#   Newsgroups:   dc.jobs,md.jobs,balt.jobs,misc.jobs.offered,us.jobs.offered,
#                 biz.jobs.offered,prg.jobs,comp.jobs.contract,misc.jobs.contract
#   On May 1, 1997, Hermes Internet Service, Inc. will be opening a second
#   office in Landover, Md., which is located at the intersection of US 50
#   and the DC Beltway and walking distance to the New Carrollton Metro
#   (Orange Line).
#   We will continue to use our current location as well, near 7th Street
#   and Maine Ave., SW, DC, near the waterfront.
#   We have openings for four additional people, the first immediately, the
#   other three on May 1:

Resume (snipped):

#   Subject:      html/CGI/db online inet apps - VB/MS Access - Linux/Postgres95
#   From:         "Jalon Q. Zimmerman" <[email protected]>
#   Date:         1995/06/25
#   Newsgroups:   misc.jobs.resumes
#   Developing an HTML interface to telephone conferencing hardware for Logicon, a
#   defense contractor.  Group telephone conferencing can be managed from any HTML
#   browser via a LAN or the internet.  The system incorporates user accounting,
#   document sharing within a conference, graphical icons and elements including
#   photographs of the group participants, secure html interfacing, support for voice
#   encrypted lines.  Each server handles 32 simultaneous queries and 32 phone lines.
#   The application is written in Visual Basic using Winsock 1.0 sockets, MS Access
#   database tables, HTML 3.0, and MS Visual C++ DLLs.
#   Designed and implemented an automated credit information retrieval and analysis
#   solution.  The system automated the office workflow, paper trail, billing, and
#   communications.  The final solution utilized an in-house client-server scheme for
#   communications, a Paradox for Windows database platform, and an automated  credit
#   retrieval and analysis application in C++.  Communications servers were run on OS/2,
#   database platforms on Windows, and high-speed credit analysis under DOS. This was
#   the second generation of the system developed at Credit Depot earlier.
#   Designed a statistical analysis solution to track the usage of learning resources on
#   campus.  Authored several encryption and security applications.
#   Computer Security - Provide computer security assistance in criminal
#   investigations.  Tasks include data decryption, recovering erased data,
#   password retrieval, data line monitoring, and protected system entry.

Isn't that last item special?


   And a possible reason for heading the other way.