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Re: rant on the morality of confidentiality

David Honig wrote:
> At 05:09 AM 1/8/98 -0800, Jim Gillogly wrote:
> >Vladimir Z. Nuri wrote:
> >> scientists who agree to government secrecy to develop
> >> their inventions are agreeing to a lot more than
> >> mere secrecy. they are committing to a paradigm that
> >> is at odds with science itself, which only advances through
> >> the open literature.
> >
> >Why limit your annoyance to government scientists?  Scientists
> >in private industry are in the same position, developing (e.g.)
> Nuri was obviously going through the angst of realizing responsibility
> as a creative technologist.
> You are adding antibusiness sentiments to this.
> The fact is, you choose who/what you work on.  

I'm not adding antibusiness sentiments -- I'm questioning why the
Vladster limited his angst to government.  I did, in fact, choose
to work in private industry, and I'm not opposed to inventors
reaping the rewards of their brain power -- and that goes for the
inventors of public keys and RSA, who I feel earned their rewards.
	Jim Gillogly
	Trewesday, 17 Afteryule S.R. 1998, 17:43, 1 Caban 15 Kankin, Ninth Lord of Night