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Re: time-stamp server uses (Re: Question on U.S. Postal Service and crypto)


In <[email protected]>, on 01/08/98 
   at 02:50 PM, Adam Back <[email protected]> said:

>Robert Costner <[email protected]> writes:
>> [...]  The timestamping is a action that "postmarks" the digitally
>> signed message.  Many attorneys feel this is a very good thing,
>> though I have had a hard time justifying the need for this to some
>> technically inclined people.

>One use for time-stamping is to allow digital signatures to out-live the
>validity period of a given public private key pair.  If the time-stamped
>signature shows that the document was signed during the life-time of the
>signing key pair this provides additional assurance that the signature is
>still valid despite the fact that the key is now marked as expired, or
>was say later compromised and revoked.

No it does not.

The date that a Key becomes comprimised and the date that the owner of a
Key knowns it is comprimised are two very different things and somthing
that time-stamping can not solve.

You also have at issue of what does one do with long term signatures if
the undelying technology is broken. Say you sign a 30yr morgage
electronically and 15yrs latter the algorithms that were used and now

Not to mention what does one do when the time-stamping key is comprimised.

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