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Re: rant on the morality of confidentiality (fwd)

Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:

>The same guy informed me later that he discovered a closed-form solution to
>some very interesting problems 9related to Black-Scholes) which according to
>the open literature either can't be done accurately at all, or require
>incredible amounts of cpu time for monte carlo simulations. he doesn't
>wish tio publish it (although it would make him quite a celebrity) and
>now he's going crazy trying to figure out a way to sell it in such a way
>that he can't get screwed again. How would crypto help if at all?

I don't know about crypto, but I just attended a very informative financial
forum on protecting intellectual property, presented by two representatives
from Arthur Andersen and Preston Gates & Ellis, LLP.   I picked up a little
brochure which the attorney firm had available for attendees:

	We counsel and represent inventors, authors, publishers,
	visual artists, and musicians as they face a host of new and
	important issues.  Preston Gates attorneys negotiate the use
	of creative expression in the full range of media, from
	CD-Roms and on-line services to interactive television and
	video games.  We monitor and advise clients on developments
	in consumer protection, defamation, infringement, and other
	legal areas that affect their ability to develop and market
	creative properties.  {etc}

web site:  www.prestongates.com, email: [email protected]