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Re: Microsoft Windows98 - Make your own decision.

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At 10:22 AM -0600 1/9/98, Virginia Metze wrote:
>Those are the Fortune 500 figures which they identify as total revenues and
>which I take to mean gross.  Incidentally, Microsoft is 172, IBM #6.
>Destruction of Microsoft's Word revenues, which accounts for a lot of their
>profit, is what
>would really seriously damage them, and note the push of IBM into the
>desktop applications market...
>And IBM is going to be way out in front of everyone no matter how it
>is measured.

I share Virginia's sentiment about MS-bashing, but if I were going to
measure market power I'd look at profit margins. These figures are provided
by Hoovers Stockscreener http://www.stockscreener.com which is a lot of fun
to play with.

Market Value (mils.):

General Electric Company        243000.0
The Coca-Cola Company           164792.0
Microsoft Corporation           157473.0
Exxon Corporation               146881.0
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone  135252.0
Merck                           127673.0
Intel                           121575.0
Philip Morris Companies Inc.    112867.0
Royal Dutch Petroleum Company   112039.0
The Procter & Gamble Company    108281.0
Toyota Motor Corporation        105326.0
IBM                             102912.0

Revenues (mils) (for mkt caps over 100 bil):

 Exxon Corporation             119507.0
 Toyota Motor Corporation       98740.6
 General Electric Company       86658.0
 Royal Dutch Petroleum Company  85784.7
 IBM                            77928.0
 Philip Morris Companies Inc.   71512.0
 Nippon T & T                   71262.4
 AT&T Corp.                     52839.0
 The Procter & Gamble Company   36216.0
 Intel Corporation              25003.0
 Merck & Co., Inc               22810.9
 The Coca-Cola Company          18610.0
 Microsoft Corporation          12193.0
 Pfizer Inc                     12169.0

PROFIT MARGIN (for mkt caps over 100 bil.):

 Microsoft Corporation          30.4%
 Intel Corporation              24.7%
 Merck & Co., Inc.              19.6%
 The Coca-Cola Company          18.8%
 Pfizer Inc                     17.1%
 AT&T Corp.                     11.0%
 The Procter & Gamble Company   9.5%
 General Electric Company       9.3%
 Philip Morris Companies Inc.   9.1%
 IBM                            7.1%
 Royal Dutch Petroleum Company  6.9%
 Exxon Corporation              6.4%
 Toyota Motor Corporation       3.2%
 Nippon T & T                   2.9%

John Noble

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